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Video and film production resources:  (I've included the web addresses in case someone wanted to print this list - like any other information, please check any business out before buying). 

If it makes any difference, I usually buy most of my equipment from Sunray, K5600, DTC, Production Advantage, Barbizon, B&H, Filmtools, Modern, Matthews, and Norms. I use Sunray, K5600, and DN Labs HMI units, I have recently ordered a number of Flouro units from FloLight (,  and if I was starting out in filmmaking, I would go to the Ron Dexter and Adam Wilt websites.  I love my Premier Studio Dolly, and I am amazed that their new PD1 dolly hasn't caught fire in the industry, and I think the Chinese will probably put a number of American companies out of business in the next couple of years with their improved direct sales models and costs - if the US companies don't adapt. Basically, you can find similar grip & lighting units from China a lot cheaper than the US models, and you don't have to pay a "dealer" to buy the product - so they have streamlined the buying process.  Anyway, if you have a link for equipment or a production resource, drop me an email and we'll include it here.  Any opinions are my own, and you should investigate for yourself. I think the industry should share as much as we can...

I've put up a VOIP page. A great new tech for people who travel.


Arizona Motion Picture Tax Incentive Program

Arizona Mileage Map in .pdf file

Arizona Mileage Chart Between Cities

Sunrise/Sunset times in AZ .pdf file

Temperature and Precip. List by Month for AZ Cities

AZ Child Labor Laws

Link to Tucson Film Office - Traffic Conditions and Roadway Closures in AZ

Industry Resources Everywhere: - Actors Equity study and results on smoke and fog effects, and a list of those products deemed safe to use around actors (and crew). Also, firearm safety tips and guidelines. - Online Audio Video Dictionary - The business of television - MCAI Arizona Website - The best collection of real production tips - Extensive article knowledge base for video and HD - Page of Industry Jokes - Below the Line Magazine. Funny magazine for crew people. - Behind the Scenes provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are ill or injured. - Funny Online Grip Cookbook - Camera Review Page, information - Cinematography website - Helpful Guide to Post from Colorlab - Creative Industry webpage - Digital Cinema Society homepage - Creative Cow Website - Media Professionals Support Forum - Crew pictures from all over. The people your mom warned you about. - World Public Holidays Guide - World Electric Power Guide  - Talent/Casting resource page and links - Thousands of commercials online - Film and Digital Times Magazine - Film Biz Industry Website and Contact Homepage - Film and TV Industry homepage - Filmmaker resource web - DV forum and website - Great FAQ Section on HMI's from Harry Box - a Well Known Industry Expert. - Current World Time - World Sun Position Calculator - World Currency Converter - HD for Indies homepage - Hollywood Reporter Online - WPI Technical Theater Handbook: Shackles, Turnbuckles, and Hooks - Funny and unrepentant Blog on Films and Industry stuff. - Crew credit list online - Production Hub Online Resource - Thousands of reels online - Kodak's Industry Site - Not your average Knot page. - Mandy's International Film and TV Directory - Weather Forcasts - Humorous look at student film mistakes  Greg Pak's - HD forum and website Markee Magazine Online Movie Cliches List faq - Well Organized Film and Video Term Dictionary - Netpay Payroll Service - Redman Movies and Stories equipment rental house in Utah - Geared towards the HD and Red HD market - Society of Camera Operators online - Film and 24p Production Resource - Rigging, Wire, Rope, Tree Support Systems and Hardware - Animated knot tying guide - Worldwide TV Standards Guide - Spec spots online - Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight Calculator online - Sun position Graphing on the web. Very useful. Like "suntracker" software, but free online, optional subscription is approx $20/year - Austin production resource and film guide - National and International spots online - Daily Variety Industry Magazine online - Shoot Magazine Online - World Television Standards - How to set Colorbars on a monitor, and the "Videouniversity" website - Film industry training DVD's and Classroom

Equipment and supplies: - Custom Camera Car, Grip, and Rigging Gear for the MP and Video Industry. - Lamps, Lightbulbs, Ballasts, etc. - Helium Lighting Blimps/Balloons - American Wire Co. Mfg of Entertainment Cable - HMI Lighting Repair and Rentals - Mfg of Fog Machines - Antennas, Batteries, Repeaters, Tripods - Gyro Stabilized video helicopter systems sales & rental - Arri (Arnold & Richter) Homepage - Custom confetti cannons and effects - Software for calculating the positions of the Sun, Moon, navigational planets and stars to a consistent low precision. From the Royal Navy. - Overhead Structural Products - Mfg microphones and sound products. - Curtain tracks, curtains, etc. - Backstage Equipment Carts and Specialty Products. The best carts for the film industry. - Expendables, lights, bulbs, everything.

Barbizon Arizona (Tempe) - 480-237-0470 - Versatile chimera-like light - Below the Line production Magazine - Bender Inc. - GFCI's to protect Cast & Crew around water - Manufacturer of camera batteries, lights, remote pan heads for small video cameras - Bexel Video Homepage - Great resource - Best price I found on the Sekonic 608 - Bardwell McKallister is back, good 300's - Bogen/Manfrotto Homepage - MFG of HMI's and Flouro Fixtures - Advanced aluminum frame products. - Boxx Microwave transmitter/receiver systems - Flying Rigging systems worldwide - Phoenix & San Diego Camera & Equipment Rentals, Media, etc. - Geared towards editing supplies and equip. - Bulbs and Lighting, Smoke machines, etc. - Bulb resource - Bulbtronics bulbs and electrical supplies - Cambo video booms - sort of like a jimmy-jib from the Netherlands - The World Leader In Gyro-Stabilized Camera Support and Robotic Camera Positioning Equipment - Dean Goldsmith's Camera Car Industries - Great Clamps from a great grip in SF. - Equipment cases - Custom WYSIWYG lighting software and design - Cable Protectors and safety equip - High Speed Camera Cycles and Camera Golf Carts in Scottsdale - Good price on tapes and grip gear. - American Cinematographer Online - Cine Bags Homepage - Cinemills HMI Lighting. - Cinetech Dollies Eagle, Falcon, & Hawk - Special FX machines of all types - Mfg of lighting accessories and wireless dimming systems, etc. - Clay Paky Lighting - HD Digital recording systems - One of the two really big LED manufacturers. - Outdoor Video systems Big to really Huge. - Cool-Lux Video Products - Remote camera systems - MFG Stage lighting and connectors - Satellite Trucks in AZ - Dalsa HD cinema camera systems - Dadco power distribution systems - Steadicam vests and accessories - Deep Sea Power & Light underwater camera housings and lighting - Denny Mfg. Backdrops, Muslins, etc. - DN Labs HMI's - Large projection screens, etc. - Chip Charts, Greyscale, Etc. - A terrific store, best Kino prices I've found. - Doughty Rigging Int'l - Just about everything to get big lights up high - Egripment Equipment Homepage - Lighting Sales - Blank Media Products - MFG/Distributer of Scrim, Apple Boxes, Cases, sand/shot bags etc. - HD Equipment supplier - EVS Pro AV sales - Makers of Par cans, barndoors, etc. - Online store of industry items.  Best price I've found on the suntracker software and tools. - Final Draft Scripting Software - Focal Press Books for the Media Industry - Custom Extension Cords - Frezzi on Camera Lights and More - Fuji Homepage - HMI repair and used sales, magnetic and electronic - Film and HD on-set color correction programs - Global Media Pro Online store of professional media equipment. - Custom Bags, Shotbags, Magliners, etc. - Makers of a splash-proof coating for electronic equipment - Looks like a Segway for Steadicams - I don't know if it has back wheels... - Lighting Sales - High Camera Monopod Tilt/Zoom Control - IDX Batteries and power systems - Makers of Intellajib, illumaslate, litening rail, firefly, and other cool gadgets - Apollo custom gobos, rotators, etc - Isaia & Co Cranes, Camera stuff, etc. I believe also inventors of dolly track. - GAM color filters and products homepage - Genie Industry standard lifts and equip. - New Flouro fixtures and ballasts. Kino compatible. - Steadycam Segway Rig...coooool.... - Home built rigs page. Dollies, Jibs, Steadisupports, etc. Cool. - Rigging and flying design services. - IMP Video Assist systems and daylight viewable LCD monitors  - This is like the POV homepage for the industry - Insurance Brokers for the Entertainment Industry - Motion Control Heads and Camera Control systems - Jan-Al Case Co. Road and specialty case - China Balls for the industry. - Jensen Tools and Cases - Great. - Dollies and jibs. - Joker Light homepage - Pretty good ENG video store - Kino Flo. - Kokak Motion Picture Imaging Website - KUPO Grip Equipment from Taipei, China - Focusable LED Flashlight - HMI Ballasts sometimes used in Arri, Sunray, Altman, CMC - Location Sound Corp. Homepage - Great shot bags, apple boxes - Camera Gyro Stabilization  System - Great Prices on some equipment - Westcott light control products (Scrimjim, etc.) - Gels and supplies worldwide - LED Replacement bulbs for low voltage lamps. - Breakup patterns printed on Mylar, pretty darn cool. Also, a rear-element net holder for video lenses. - Lightening lighting effects - Stage/Disco/Effects Lighting Sales and Services - Makers of Seven Jib, Lenses, etc. - Large supply and accessory source. - Matthews homepage. - Dimmers, Flickerboxes, etc. Real Cool Stuff. - MCS Cranes - Like a video-camera sized techno - Microdolly Homepage - Custom printed Cables and Extension Cords - German HMI Manufacturer

Modern Studio Equip - 818-764-8574 Great Car Mount Stuff.  - Best customer service at a grip house I've found. - Black one side/White the other Sound Blankets! (furn pads) - Gyro Stabilized Camera System

Norms Studio Equip - 818-766-6676 Great Equipment, people. Probably the best place to buy stands and equipment you've never heard of. - Niterider onboard & wearable lights - good for reality TV - O'connor Engineering (Now a division of Sachtler) Camera Heads, Etc. - Off The Wall Manufactures lightweight, durable set pieces and backgrounds. - Aircraft Cable, Wire Rope, Slings, Fall protection, etc. - Great Prices on Studio Lamps and Bulbs. - Pelican Case & Product Homepage - Photoflex homepage - Mfg of temporary power distro. - HMI Ballast Mfg. - Dollies, Jibs, etc. Their PD-1 dolly could revolutionize the HD and small feature market. - Great prices on lamps - Production Outlet. Great Prices on some production supplies and equipment. - camera stabilizing systems (different take on a steadicam, I think) - Worth a look when you're buying equipment - Lightweight Dollies and Jibs - Tapes. Permacel. - Teleprompters, etc. - Gels and Supplies Worldwide - Custom fabrics for the entertainment industry - Fire & Safety Suits - MFG Braided high performance ropes - Selador LED products. - Shelly Ward camera cars/mounts/systems for motion and still photography - Yahoo Store - Grip Dept at the Sony Lot - Sand Bags and Flag Recovers in AZ - Strand Lighting Homepage - Bounce and Butterfly Products - Sunray HMI lighting homepage. Good Lights. The last affordable American HMI, in my opinion. - LED's 12,24,120v white & colored - Techno Crane Homepage - Advanced Devices homepage - mfg of Bates, Group 5 stage plugs - Great place for tape - Fiber Optic & LED Lighting - Butterflies, Nets, etc. - Times Square innovative stage and architectural lighting - MFG Truss, Rigging equipment, etc - Tools for Stagecraft Website - MFG Bulbs, globes, lighting fixtures and equipment - Teleprompters, Etc. - Operating telephone ringers for stage and film - Camera Remote Heads, Etc. - Tiffen filters and accessories homepage - Bulb resource - Update Magazine - Extensive website of video tools and information...the second link is a pretty comprehensive outline of the different video formats. - Manuf. of flexfill homepage - Grip Dept at the Warner lot - Grip dept at the LA Fox lot. - Mole knockoff lights - Clearcom intercoms and systems - Video white balance cards - Sun Tracking software. If you shoot outdoors, get this. - MFG Flexlight systems and rope lights - Used Equip. Outlet - Mole Richardson Lighting & Expendables - Distributer of film and video products made abroad - Tape Stock - Variable-color LED lights

Mike's Favorite links: Packages for our troops, from home. Regardless where you stand on our current issues, our troops are the keystone in keeping America safe and free, and we support them.  -  9/11 report online free. If you live in the US, you should read this. - Gyro-stabilized cars that the government classified in the '60's could solve much of today's need for more fuel efficient vehicles. If someone was to make a gyro-stabilized dolly modeled after the Russian design, no-one would ever have to lay dolly track again... - The Current time in Arizona - My favorite invention of the 2000's so far, a VOIP phone. Anywhere you have broadband, you have a local line. Great for hotels, etc. - One of my favorite sites - Bartender Joke Page - How Stuff Works - Brilliant - Best Digital Camera Review page on the net. - Earth Screensaver made from Cloudless satellite pix. Cool when it goes from Day to night, you can see the city lights come on around the globe. - Sky Screen Saver showing you the star positions from any point on the globe. - Java asteroids game by Mike Hall - National and International news search - Unbelievably easy way to learn languages before you travel.  Cheap, too. - Convert just about anything to anything else. - Scientific American Online - SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. - The Mars society homepage - National Science Foundation. - NASA Homepage. - Linking the worlds computers to aid cancer research. Like the Seti program, uses millions of computers around the world to accomplish a huge computing equation. - USA National debt calculator. USA's national debt is growing by more than $10,000 a second, yet our politicians continue to spend on pork barrel handouts and aid to other countries.  Increasing taxes has historically only lead to more spending.  How much do we owe individually? Click here. - Wonder where all that tax money you "spend" to the government each check goes to? Check the Citizens Against Government Waste homepage. - Test your internet connection speed - Links to live cameras all over the globe. Where it's going. - Test your internet connection resistance to attack with "Shields Up" on this page. - Fee based service that puts an address with a cell phone number. - Physics and Astronomy online - MIT Website. - what Senators should be...just looking out for the country. - US Dept. of Justice. Links to government sites for the war on terrorism. - FBI Website. BOLO, baby! Be On the Look Out....

 Uncommon Search Engines: - 3D shape search engine. Great for finding things that match your idea.




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