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Designed to give an outstanding look without breaking your budget.

We offer the following cost-saving pre-loaded packages and equipment available:



Additional Equipment:

Please give us a call if you have any questions: Mike 623-203-0442 or drop us an email at .  

We'll do our best to help you out.


Sachtler DV-12sb head and Caroni Tripod - $55/day

Interview Packages ($175/day) Interview setup for those on the road.


2-ton Grip Package ($250/day) For outdoor shooting, includes many extras most companies charge extra for.


Grip and Tungsten Package ($375/day) A full grip package with Kino and Tungsten lights. 


Grip, Tungsten, and 2 HMI Package ($475/day) All of the grip and tungsten with 2 more kinos and 2-1200 par, or 800 Joker Hmi's for the price of the grip and the Hmi's alone.

Grip, Tungsten, and 4 HMI Package ($675/day) Grip, Tungsten, 3-Kinos, 2-1200 pars (or 800 Jokers), and 2-575 or 200 Joker pars.


Grip, Tungsten, and 6 HMI Package ($875/day) Grip, Tungsten, Kinos, 2-1200w Pars, 2 - 575w Pars, 2 - 200w Pars


Dollies and Jibs, and Stix, Pup 500 crab dolly, Jimmy Jib Triangle, Seven Jib, Skateboard dollies, or a little "Debbie Dolly" to add motion to your shoot. 








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